• Zoe Cooper

Brighter times Part 2

A few more shoutouts for some of our amazing talent :

- Lopez was on ITV over Christmas in “News at 5 1/2 “ she was fab !

- Jude Forsey who won a fantastic small role in a feature film coming to cinema’s mid 2021, with a star studded cast ! - Alfie C who has been confirmed for a gaming/ football collab TV Commercial where he will be meeting and playing with some famous faces

- Beatrice & Stanley who have been confirmed for a short film for the NHS

- Deniz who was recently on set for a medical Brand stills shoot

-Kayah who filmed a Christmas Internet Promo video

- Vanessa who filmed a Social Media commercial for DadPad AND a short film called “Hard to Leave “ with IkeMedia

This is just a short snip of what our talent has been CONFIRMED for , we are so excited to see our wonderful industry THRIVE again , Covid be gone already

Zoe from Bondi Talent Agency


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