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Busier and Busier again ...

Hi everyone

September already!

Zoe here, Owner and Head Booker at Bondi Talent, it’s so lovely to feel like things are getting a bit busier again, a lot of work is still within the M25 boundary as to eliminate excess travel from around the country, so midlands and north talent keep the faith 🙏🏼

The great thing is a lot of first round castings are now made by self tape, so it’s crucial that our talent are comfy and confident making self tapes,

Im going to make a few tutorials for our Bondi Talent on how to make self tapes , getting the lighting right, framing and content this will all go onto our parent chat group on Facebook, ( you can only join if your child is signed with us )

We are super proud of Nyemah and Nicky B who are flying out to Prague next week to film a global commercial ( We can’t say who yet !) and have had Vanessa S who has recently filmed a promo shoot for an NHS new app called Dadpad , she had a great day on set and also filmed a short film recently too which we are very proud about, and not forgetting our amazing actor Elijah D who flew out to Belfast for 6 weeks for the holidays, to film a new season of a much loved CBBC show, he had a blast and it was a great honour to be asked to return for their 5th season, we can’t wait to watch it soon!

Great to hear so many of our talent have been keeping busy with online dance , acting and singing classes and are in virtual choirs and have taken part in online concerts, using free time well for training is a great choice,

I can’t wait to bring you more exciting news shortly !

P.S Our books re-open very soon ( this month) keep and eye and follow our Instagram and Facebook page for more details


Bondi Talent x

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