• Zoe Cooper

Covid-19 update, were still here...

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping everyone is coping well with lockdown and homeschooling and a massive change to our everyday lives,

I'm working from home and home schooling so please do bear with me as i'm working as and when I can, we are still lucky enough to be getting some amazing self tapes coming in, from short and feature films to TV Series and Voice Overs and film at home yourself commercials, and please do be rest assured that i'm submitting everyone if they are suitable,

We are still taking on new clients (Books are OPEN) tell anyone you know who would be a good fit with the agency :)

and ....i'm SO PROUD of all my Bondi Talent for embracing all the challenges ive been giving you on social media during lockdown, from out "Headshots At Home" challenge to our "Learn a Monologue" and not forgetting out TikTok challenge, hehe

Remember there are some amazing Casting Directors like Kharmel Cochrane, Leanne Flinn, Anna Kennedy, Ali Fearnley Kate&Lou all doing live chats with Newman Studios, Redbrick Studios and lots more on Instagram live, so its well worth checking them out, we work and cast with all of them and they give some amazing advice , hints and tips on being inside the casting room.

Anyway lovelies , chin's up , keep the faith and lets hope to get things moving in the right direction really soon love Zoe x x

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