The future is Bondi

Bondi Talent Agency is a fast-growing British Talent Agency, representing children in Television, Short Film, Feature Film, Stage, Voice-Over , Extra and Photography - Modelling work.

With a fresh-thinking inclusive approach, Bondi Talent was created to represent real children from all backgrounds and from across the whole of Britain.

Our mission is to help create confident, resilient and happy children.

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Bondi Talent 

Brielle W
Nana Seerwa (Ama)
Alana G
Millie C
Penelope J
Lilly M
Mia Cummings Bondi Talent Agency
Neo Rae

Star of the week!


Issac has just finished filming Season 2 of BBC's Jerk playing lead child role Georgie

We cant wait for this to be on our screen's 


Isaac Highams

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How to Apply

Do you have a child with ambitions?  

We cannot reply to every application unfortunately, but will be in touch within 14 days if your application has been successful.

To apply please send an email to with the following information:

Your child's...

Name and Age

  • Experience/Spotlight Link OR tell us why you are wanting to be represented

  • Photographs: We would love to see 5 - Plain backgrounds please

  • Please film a short video of your child introducing themselves and where they are from, with them talking about their hobbies and interests , We want to see their personality! the photo's you take should be in good lighting, against a plain background mostly of head and shoulders we are looking for a range of pictures including one full length, please add your Spotlight link if you are already on Spotlight. Good Luck!


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